Building business value

+Stearman specialises in helping ambitious businesses grow their revenues and profitability.

Operating for more than 10 years we have worked with hundreds of businesses and their owners building profitable revenues in markets as diverse as high technology, logistics, electronics manufacturing; software, construction, industrial services, law and professional services and many more…

Though clients range from start up ventures through to large corporates, we specialise in small to medium sized enterprises with real ambition and high growth potential.

Central to the +Stearman approach is building business value.  Whether the owners want to sell the business or not building an exit strategy is part of developing an ambitious vision for the business.



We always start with your Vision – ‘What does Success look like’?

All businesses want to grow and be more profitable but any plan for growth must be built around what the business owner(s) wants to achieve.  Building a clear picture of what success looks like for our clients is the starting point

Once the personal vision has been crystallized the next stage is to construct the growth plan beginning with the identification of key business strategies geared to delivering the vision.

With vision and key business strategies the platform to build a detailed plan to be implemented is in place.

The plan is then developed and implementation starts in parallel with ongoing plan development.  We are pragmatic people and focus on results.