Business owner and board mentoring

We believe that all business owners and boards of directors can derive significant benefit from ongoing independent advice and experienced input to their businesses.

Board support can come in many forms, but typically it falls into two areas:

  • Board mentoring or informal support as needed to support the business and its owners and directors to plan and deliver on its goals and objectives
  • A more formal non-executive director approach

Our approach is normally to build long term relationships with clients and to provide support in all areas of the business but with particular focus on profitable growth..

Consultancy is typically project or assignment focused; +Stearman offers a longer term more holistic service delivered through a close relationship with the business owner or the board, and a more comprehensive knowledge of the business and the owner’s vision and goals for their business.

Unlike consultants +Stearman support is rarely about projects and assignments and more about helping create positive change, and then staying around to support the business in implementing the strategies and plans developed.