Sales planning, organisation and process

The key to delivering a growth plan in any business, whatever the size is an effective sales and business development organisation operating to a clear plan.

+Stearman specialises in helping businesses build high performance sales teams.  Ensuring that the sales and marketing teams align effectively with each other is critical.  Demand generation processes should then link well with front line sales processes to ensure that opportunities are maximised.

Support is available in the design and implementation of an effective Sales Process that exactly meets the individual needs of the business, as well as ongoing management across the sales organisation, including:

  • Designing and putting in place an end to end Sales Process
  • High performance team management
  • Structured planning at client, territory and business level
  • Customer and key client relationship management
  • Sales training and personal development planning
  • Ongoing performance review

We also specialise in supporting our clients in developing critical business partnerships both upstream with suppliers and downstream with leading clients.